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Gadolinium Awareness April 2017

Cyn - April 18, 2017

My life was ruined, as well as my 2 son's with this toxic metal. I am totally disabled and will not live much longer. My son's are suffering as well (only 8 and 24 yrs old). Please please take this off the market and develop treatments for this man made disease.

KGF - May 3, 2017

My life as well as my family's lives have been forever changed because of gadolinium contrast. I received Gadavist in December 2015. I knew that day that I was in trouble. My health declined rapidly. Severe head pain/pressure/burning, cognitive issues, bone/joint pain, burning skin, and several other debilitating symptoms. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not in pain. It's been a burden physically, emotionally, financially on me & my family. I will NEVER allow anyone I know & love to be infected with gadolinium!

Don Denver - May 3, 2017

I contracted this horrible debilitating and extremely painful disease in 06 in a coma and bedridden in the Hospital for 3 months changing my entire life and losing my way to make any income having to learn to walk and rehabilitate myself because Insurance did not cover this horrible man made disease that should have never been on the market to begin with, please take this crippling so called medication off the market.

BP - May 3, 2017

I have had one dose of MRI contrast and, within 24 hours, my life changed irreparably. As it turns out, I am one of the unfortunate people whose body can not deal with the presence of the toxic metal that was injected into me. I've developed burning sensations all over my body including in my mouth and throat, fatigue, muscle weakness and twitching, dry mouth, and airway troubles. Since Gadolinium sequesters into bone and is then re-released into the body as bones undergo normal remodeling, the poisoning is chronic and my future is a huge question mark.

Anonymous - May 3, 2017

My husband had an MRI in 2014. Within less than 90 days he started to lose his ability to walk and talk. His personally changed and he developed bulbar symptoms. He has a numb spot on his shoulder the size of a basketball that is still there to this day. His first MRI WAS NORMAL...HIS SECOND MRI showed brain damage. His gadolinium levels are almost off the chart. He is severely disabled and currently in a wheelchair. He has no other diagnosis.

Anonymous - May 3, 2017

I had concussion in 2014 ... i was fine . In one year .. then having prescribed by doctor huge b 12 vitamins to heal my scalp nerves .. I got overdosed ..searching for possible toxic encephalitis.. I had MRI . With contrast. Radiologist YES!!!!!!!!! Came in scan room to convince me its macrocyclic and it's SAFE .. well . IM LIVING IN A VERY BLOOMING HELL..I was FINE ... I got hot disoriented.. fasciculating all over THE WORST COULDNT LIFT MY LEG AND ARM ... bedridden.. and exhausted.. just lost me . ITS LIKE IM IN IN A.BRAIN VIRUS ..
This is a poison ... I GO BACK 2012 .. I had it .. for headache .. BRAIN MRI IWAS HOT AND. BEDRIDDEN AGAIN . For 2 years ...
I WOULD BE MORE INFORMED.. if IWAS a doctor .. OR EVEN A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY ... you destroy lives .. YOU .........

MJ - May 3, 2017

My life has been a living hell since I was injected with the first two of these products in 2001 for breast cancer screening.  They did one breast a day so I would get two injections within 24 hours which is off label. My daughter was 6 and I missed most of her tender years because I was so sick from these products.

These products have no business being on the market and need to be removed before they poison millions more.  In the last litigation, we found out that two of the manufacturers withheld important studies from the FDA.  The FDA knows this but refuses to act to remove these horrific products from the market.   

St├ęphane D (Canada) - May 4, 2017

I was poisoned with a single dose of the gadolinium-based contrast agent, Omniscan in February of 2017 that was injected, without my informed consent. It was an unnecessary MRI, for a foot study.  I went from being in top shape, training every day to systemic fatal disease. Now my loved ones are deprived...

DM - May 5, 2017

I was told by my neurologist that I needed the MRI w/gadolinium contrast to rule out possible lesion of spine. I was told that MRI was safer and superior than CT scan, that it poses no risk of cancer like CT scan. I was assured that I would excrete the "dye" within two hours of the MRI procedure. I was told the only risks associated with MRI w/dye are for people with poor renal function - that my renal function was optimal. I was never informed that the MRI contrast dye was a rare earth heavy metal - "Gadolinium". I was not informed that "All" patients undergoing MRI w/gadolinium contrast dye procedure regardless of renal function, and regardless if it is 1st and only procedure, or repeated MRI procedures are at increased risk of retaining the gadolinium, are placed at unnecessary and increased life threatening risk and develop illnesses and new onset of excruciating & debilitating -- life altering neuro muscular pain and a myriad of "other" health complications.

Gadolinium is a known and well documented neuro toxin , cytotoxin amongst other things. It does not belong in the human body whatsoever. 

I've retained the gadolinium and it is wreaking havoc in my body.  My health is ruined. My body , my brain , tissues , bones and organs are devastated by this rare earth heavy metal gadolinium toxic burden.
My prescribing physician along with the alleged "world experts on gadolinium " and radiologist deny and dismiss my debilitating and excruciating chief physical complaints related to retaining the gadolinium - and every other patient I've met who suffer identical life altering adverse event from retaining the gadolinium. 

We have informed our prescribing physicians, the "world experts on gadolinium" and team of radiologist, and have begged for acknowledgment and possible treatment options. We are denied validation / acknowledgement that we are sickened beyond belief from this lethal heavy metal and as a result , any possible treatment is delayed and we continue to suffer needlessly.
Our medical bills are staggering and personally, I am being dragged back and forth to civil court for unpaid MRI gadolinium radiology bills. I am not alone. 

We have been robbed of our state of wellbeing. My life - my health is ruined. There has not been one single day without excruciating pain and suffering since I've had that MRI procedure. 

The impact it has on my family and close friends has been equally devastating. No one should be subjected to suffer needlessly by this MRI gadolinium contrast dye. Get it off our shelves now.

Evelina - May 11, 2017

My name is Evelina. I am 37years ord and a mother of three.  I had an MR with contrast (magnevist) in 2007 and got sick from it right away. 

I had a big seizure from it and still gets smaller ones or muscle twitching.
Headache, brain fog, week muscles, problems with my eyes, problems with memory and concentration, pain, sensitive for light and sound, so tired all the time, and other things... 
I was healthy before this. My life has totally changed.  There are many things I did before that I can't do now. I want my life back...


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  2. My reaction:
    Dang... I had three MRIs-brain/C-spine & T-spine, 11/2013, one MRI each three days!; then a very bad MS flare that following Spring, April 2014. Then I had an MRI, 10/2014-probably two. I was diagnosed with MS, April 1990. As far as the bad Spring 2014 flare, I am better than I was, but still have weakness with my dominant arm and hand, including dexterity problems; in fact, I am now on disability as a result. I will add my iron labs were too high, too, 11/2013. Who knows, maybe iron was high in 1990, too, and these 'MS plaques' are really iron deposits. I want the special MRI that shows iron deposits. I wonder the reaction of iron with gadolinium?

  3. 10/28/2005 I had an MRI with gadolinium at Middle Tennessee Imaging in Smyrna, TN. In ten minutes I went into a seizure and went to the emergency room at the hospital in Murfreesboro. I sustained damage to my heart, lungs, liver and kidney. My heart went into Afib and the doctors could not stop it by shocking it several times. The doctor in charge called the Imaging place and talked with the person in charge and notified them of the problem that I had received a bacteria of some kind while having the MRI and gadolinium. I was released 5 days later and was put on coumadin and antibiotics. The next week I had to have a pacemaker installed. This took me about 8 years to get most of my strength back.


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